Oppenheimer Family Foundation
Education Opportunities

Offering experiential learning for Chicago Public Schools


The Education Opportunities grants (EduOpps) are given to 501-C3 organizations that offer experiential learning opportunities to Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students and teachers .
Grants will be by invitation only.
Grants are only given to support Chicago Public School students, teachers and educational staff.
Grants are only given to non-profit organizations (501-C3). Grants are no longer given to individual teachers.
Projects that have a life beyond the year(s) of OFF funding.
Grants are expected to show results in experiential hands-on student activities.
Grants for substantive programs will be considered. Awards will be granted for sums between $5,000 - $10,000.
Grants must be made through the website www.eduopp.org.
The website is open for grant requests by invitation only.
Recipients are expected to follow EduOpps’s reporting rules. (under consideration)


There is no granting cycle. Grants may be applied for and given throughout the year.
Projects being funded during this transition year (2015-16) may be found on the Oppenheimer Family Foundation website www.offtig.org

Site Visits

Please invite a foundation representative to visit your project either in progress or to a culminating event. Plan to negotiate dates early in the process. APPLY FOR A SITE VISIT ONLINE

Final Report

When you have completed your grant, complete a final report.
Complete the form on-line and send a copy of the report and financial receipts to the foundation.

Applicants are not allowed to apply for a future grant until a final report is completed on a current grant.